Sup bro,
You know where you are right now??, that's right. The world's only imagesite with a black background. Now, you're probably asking yourself, "What am I supposed to do at macromeme?" I don't give a flying flip what you do here, but you can lookit funny forum macros, internet memes, and macromemes till Al Gore takes his internet back. Man, we got cat pictures, weird pictures, funny pictures, SO MANY PICTURES! I made this site because too many image sites have diluted the funny pics in an ocean of ancient or "cool story bro" images. I've tried to make sure all the images on this site are relatively funny or clever that you haven't seen on every other imagesite or stumbleupon infintity times, like, "Oh cool, is that a kind of witty restaurant sign, k." to have a concentration of, "I find this humorous and novel and I consider it appropriate to post on my friend's wall because it's quality sanctions that they will also find amusement through it and won't get pissed at me for posting inane BS on their page." "(We also dig run-on sentences.) Also, I don't use headers for your convenience so you don't have to scroll every time you want to see a picture. KISS, man. KISS. By the way, I don't own the rights to most of the content on this site but I try to make sure none of the stuff is accreddited(memes and what-not), so feel free to complain if you feelI'm infringing and I'll take that down immediately.